Here are some of our newest programs


We offer a fully themed place inside the Santa Ursula's old western style town. for these old west cowboy movie lovers, we give you a true "buckaroo" adventure. You will be able to enjoy the opportunity of choosing your very own horse alongside your mates and peers, as well as some other activities that will allow you to be an ideal, creative, and  collaborative leader. "learning by doing"

Tireless gladiators

The best Roman adventure to build working teams with success and passion! With a quaint program experience the glory in the best Santa Ursula Experience style, where you'll face fun challenges full of meaningfully learning. come and conquer you fears "A memorable legion last forever"

Till the end

Go kart races in a free and recreational track. Each team member will participate in a race session of practice and qualification. The fastest on the team will move on to the final race to win as many points as possible for their team.

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