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Programas de integración

Santa Ursula Empresarial has an extraordinary infrastructure, UNIQUE IN MEXICO

We design each program according to the needs of the company: size of the group, goals, skills to develop, number of days/nights required, activities of your preference, etc. Your team will achieve TOTAL INTEGRATION in an environment with UNIQUE facilities and out-of-the-ordinary activities that no hotel or training center can offer you. The activities of each program will be oriented to strengthen one or more of the following skills as required by the group:

  • Team-Building: group dynamics that encourage communication and put leadership to the test.

  • Teamwork: All our activities are carried out as a team, working under the motto "No one is more than everyone".

  • Leadership: In the work teams, all members are leaders in some way. An important part of the program is for the team itself to discover what kind of leader each member is and what skills and virtues he or she can bring to the team.

  • Strategy: Planning, creativity, adaptation, and decision making under pressure are the keys to success.

  • Overcoming challenges and problem solving: Stress management and time constraints are the main enemies in these activities. Challenges are either imposed by the instructors or planned by the team itself.

  • Concentration: In all our programs you will find activities that will demand a high degree of concentration from the participants in order for the team to achieve the planned objectives.

  • Confidence: We design exciting activities to overcome fears and achieve objectives; the only required tool will be trust because only by trusting yourself and the rest of your team will you be able to overcome the tests.

Final result: A more integrated and motivated team than ever before! 

Here are some of our newest programs


We offer you a fully themed space in the cowboy town of Santa Ursula; for those who love the cowboy movies of the old west, we bring for you a real Cowboy adventure. You can also enjoy with colleagues the incredible opportunity of choosing your own horse, among other activities that will help you to be a true exemplary, creative and participative leader. "Learn by doing"

Tireless gladiators

Rome's best adventures designed to build successful and passionate teams! Through a colorful program, live the glory in the best Santa Ursula Entrepreneurial style and face fun challenges full of meaningful learning. Come and conquer your fears. "A memorable legion is forever"

To the end

Gokart racing in a free and leisurely space. Each team member participates in a practice and qualifying race session. The fastest racers from each team will advance to the final race to score as many points as possible for their team in the main event.